Using Professionals For Wasp Control In Pittsburgh PA

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Pest Control

Bees and wasps are never fun to deal with, but they are the “con” to summertime fun and fall cookouts. If you see a wasp around your home, or just want to prepare for their arrival, then the best time for getting wasp control in Pittsburgh PA is around June. The reason that June is best is because the colony has not yet grown, since the queen of the nest just established the colony. However, with the nests being small, they can be difficult to find. It is recommended for those that are not experienced with eliminating wasp nests to only attempt to control them during the night. This is because they are much less active and even have difficulty flying around at temperatures that are under 50° F. It is imperative to never seal up a wasp nest unless you are certain there are no living wasps inside.

There are many different types of nests, so you will want to verify that the nest is actually a wasp nest before you treat it as such. Many times, people confuse a hornet’s nest with a wasp’s nest and yellow jacket’s nest. A quick glance online or in the encyclopedia can identify which stinging pest you are dealing with. Many times you may not even know where the nest is.

The worst nests to try to reach are those that are located in attics and behind walls. Sometimes, the only clue you may even have to the nest location is that there are wasps flying in and out through a hole or crack in the home. Most people do not really see any effective results from using aerosol insecticides on the hidden nests. There are dusts that you can use, if you are prepared to drill minute 1/8 holes in the area surrounding the nest area. Applying the insecticidal dust in the small holes manually, or with a built in applicator are going to be the best method of application, if you are doing it yourself. Boric Acid, Bendiocarb and Chlorpyrifos are the three different dusts that will be effective in your wasp removal, and you can buy them over the counter. If you are one of those people that would rather not drill holes around a wasp nest, then you should call a professional company that guarantees their services in wasp control in Pittsburgh PA.

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