Heating and Cooling Systems: Central Air Conditioner Solutions in Kirkland WA

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Air Conditioning

If you desire to get an even and comfortable room temperature and you have a forced-air heating system, then you should consider getting a central air conditioner. The advantage of this system is that it uses the existing ducts in your home. It is an excellent solution for homes with ductwork. This does not mean that homes that are ductless cannot benefit from using a central air conditioner. Such homes can use the spacePac system. Instead of using metal ductwork, SpacePac system uses a tubing system.

It is important to note that different homes have different requirements. It is thus necessary that you get a professional to help determine which form of air conditioner suits your needs. The information below will enlighten you on Heating And Cooling System in Kirkland WA and the benefit of having one installed in your home.

How does a central air conditioner work?

A central conditioner has a split system with outdoor and indoor components. The outdoor compressor uses electricity to pump the refrigerant. This system collects the heat and moisture inside and removes it out of the house. This heat is then blown over the indoor coil which is already cooled. After this heat is transferred to the coil, the air inside the house becomes cooled. The warm air is then pumped out of the house as the cool air is pumped inside the house. This process helps in temperature regulation in your home giving you comfort.

Advantages of using a central air conditioner

Installing a central air conditioner has more benefits compared to a window unit. These include:

It is less noisy- though running, you can barely hear it.

It is a healthier option – the central air conditioner has filters to remove dust particles in the air. These filters can be changed easily by homeowners.

It saves a lot n energy cost – this system is controlled by a thermostat that can turn on and off depending on the temperature levels

It provides comfort – this is so because the entire house is cooled by one system unlike the conventional system where each room needs a different installation.

With the benefits highlighted above, you can be sure that looking for Central Air Conditioner solutions in Kirkland, WA will solve your heating and cooling needs. This system will be necessary especially during the summer months.

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