Unending Choices In Cabinet Refacing Supplies

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Furniture

Time and use cause wear and tear, making even the cabinets that are the finest lose their shine. If you are considering renovating your cabinets, but are starting to have second thoughts about the high cost of replacing them, cabinet refacing is a great option. You can get the new look – exactly what you are looking for. You will need refacing supplies, but it will still come out cheaper.

You will get exactly the look you want while paying much less the cost. You can do the project yourself and the project becomes even cheaper to do. On these do-it-yourself jobs such as cabinet refacing, the more you do yourself the cheaper the overall cost of the project becomes and your local home repair store will have all your refacing supplies.

First, you need to buy or gather all your refacing supplies together. Before you jump right in, there are surpluses of options to choose from, so take your time and pick what appeals to you. Besides appearance, there is also price, durability, maintenance and ease of installation of the available materials.

The most affordable among cabinet materials refacing supplies are vinyl laminate or plastic. If you are considering using this material, don’t expect it to last for very long, plus it does not have the authentic look so no one will be tricked into believing that this material is anything other than an imitation of the original design.

You might want to consider wood veneer, as it has a great look and is available in all popular woods such as oak, birch, cherry, mahogany and walnut.

Once you start your cabinet project, you will notice other items linked with the cabinets that are looking dated and may need replacing. A trip to the mall may be in order for refacing supplies like knobs, pulls, hinges and drawer tracks. You will also need molding and trim.

While you are their picking up the molding and trim, you will also need other refacing supplies such as stain pens, putty sticks, veneer applicators templates for handles and end panels. You will need to match self-adhesive veneer for laminating your cabinet boxes rails and stiles as well.


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