It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets in New Holland PA

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Home Improvement

Homeowners have many reasons for upgrading/replacing their kitchen cabinetry. It could be due to a home remodel after damages occur, the age of the cabinets, or because the homeowner just wants something new to look at in the kitchen. Regardless of why you are ready to upgrade your cabinets, you need to find quality and reliable custom cabinetry contractors. The following information will cover the services you can expect from a contractor that offers custom kitchen cabinets in New Holland PA .


The first step in upgrading your kitchen cabinets is to consult with the professionals. You will look at a catalog of designs, layout plans, the contractor’s portfolio, and discuss the aspects of what you want for your kitchen. Whether you want standard cabinets or a custom job, professional cabinetry contractors can make your dream kitchen come true.

Design Phase

After you choose what you want for your cabinets, the experts go to work designing your cabinets and kitchen layout. The design phase is where they make CAD drawings for you to look at and approve before any further work is done.

Kitchen Measurements

After you approve a design for your kitchen cabinets, representatives are sent out to take measurements of your kitchen area. This requires a short amount of time, so you will not be inconvenienced.

Removal of Cabinets

Workers are sent out to remove your existing kitchen cabinets. You cannot have new cabinets installed until the old ones are gone. These professionals take out your cabinets and remove them for you without any hassles.

Delivery and Installation

Once the old cabinets are gone, your new cabinets are delivered. Soon after they are delivered, professional cabinet installers will come out to handle the rest of the job. After you new cabinets are installed you can sit back and enjoy your new kitchen.

These are the basics of the services provided by cabinet contractors. You can expect them to be able to offer partial or full kitchen cabinet remodeling projects including new counter tops. The staff will work with you from start to finish to ensure your kitchen cabinets are exactly what you want. Their goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.

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