Understanding the Different Types of Roof Repair in Plano TX

by | May 15, 2024 | Roofing

You need to be able to count on your roof to protect the structure of your home. The best way to ensure it continues to effectively perform its job is to keep up on repairs. Roof repairs in Plano, TX include the following services.

Shingle Replacement

Always check your roof after a storm for missing shingles. Watch for lifting, curling, or breaking ones as well. Replacing the shingles is a quick and easy repair that can save the integrity of your roof.

Leak Repair

You always want to have leaks fixed as soon as possible. The more moisture that gets in, the more damage you’ll have. A simple repair at the first sign of moisture will save time and money.

Flashing Replacement

Flashing is a piece of bent metal that is used in strategic areas to keep moisture from getting under your shingles. You’ll find it around chimneys, pipes, and walls. If the flashing isn’t properly installed, water will seep in, where it can cause structural damage.

Fascia Replacement

The fascia is a long wooden board at the edge of your roof. You’ll find it behind the gutters. It works as the first line of defense against moisture. If it’s damaged, areas of it can easily be replaced.

Don’t put your home at risk. Schedule roof repair in Plano, TX as soon as you notice a problem. Putting repairs off can end up costing you more money as damages worsen. Visit Results Roofing at resultsroofing.com to learn more.

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