5 Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring from a Floor Company in Aurora

by | May 13, 2024 | Floor Materials

According to a survey done by the NFWA (National Wood Flooring Association), over 80% of real estate agents said that a home with hardwood flooring can sell faster and for a higher price. Even cheaper options, such as engineered or locking wood products, have more value with buyers than carpet. Installing hardwood flooring in Aurora is a great investment.

Added Style

Hardwood flooring is a dramatic way to add elegance to a room. Whether the customer wants a trendy or a classic look, hardwood never goes out of style. In another study done by the NWFA, 96% of interior design pros agreed that wood flooring is versatile and that it lends an air of permanence to a room. Some products can be refinished or painted if the owner wants to change the home’s feel and look later on.

Hard wood is durable

Hardwood flooring from a floor company in Aurora can be more forgiving than traditional options like carpet. Those with pets and children and those who host parties frequently will find it hassle-free to keep these floors looking great with a broom and an occasional vacuum. Wood flooring is less allergenic than carpet, as it doesn’t trap dander, dirt, and dust.

It lasts longer

The lifespan of this type of flooring depends on the quality of the materials, the level of maintenance, and the amount of traffic. On the outside, the carpet may last for up to ten years before it needs replacing. However, hardwood flooring can last up to 100 years or more with proper maintenance. While hardwood can be damaged, prompt cleanup is usually the only step necessary to prevent it from happening.

It’s Sustainable

Unlike tile, stone, or carpet, wood is a regenerative, sustainable resource. Ethical manufacturers of wood flooring use responsible sourcing practices, and they take steps to minimize environmental impact. Fast-growing species like bamboo, engineered woods, and those grown on plantations are all widely available, making wood flooring a sensible, eco-friendly choice.

With the benefits listed here, it’s easy to see why hardwood flooring in Aurora is so worthy of consideration. However, customers should consider multiple factors before making a decision. Installation may often be challenging, and it might be impossible to match existing hardwood. A floor company in Aurora can work with customers to make the right selection.

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