Understanding Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Garage Door Services

A well-maintained garage door both adds to a home’s curb appeal and the homeowner’s security. A working garage door with automatic garage door opener allows the homeowner to open the garage door from the safety of their car and drive directly into the garage. After lowering the garage door, the homeowner can exit the car and enter their home. As soon as the homeowner notices any sticking or excess noise, they should seek garage door repair in Newton, MA. This will prevent them from having to be outside along late at night.

Garage door repair in Newton, MA will generally repair or replace one of several garage door components: the extension or torsion spring that opens the door, the steel track that the door rides along as it opens and closes, the hinges that let the door bend as it moves along the track, the vinyl bottom weather seal that prevents water from seeping into the garage, and the garage door panels.

It is usually the spring that wears out most often. When this happens the garage door might open just a few feet. If a garage door has more than one spring, it’s a good idea to get them both replaced if one wears out. It’s important to work with a reputable garage door repair in Newton, MA company that knows how to pick out the right spring for the size and weight of the garage door.

Of course not all garage door repairs occur as normal wear and tear. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to back into their garage door and break one of the panels. Most garage door repair in Newton, MA companies will stock panels from major manufacturers. It’s easy to insert a new one. The panels are held together by hinges that might also need to be replaced. These should be repaired quickly, so that no one can pry open a garage door and enter the home illegally. It also prevents rain damage to the mechanisms and inside of the garage. Give us a call today to receive a FREE estimate on any service.

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