The Verdict is In: Find Out if You Should Repair or Replace the Garage Door

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Garage Door Supplier

At some point in your garage door’s lifetime, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Repairing it is usually less expensive than replacing it, but sometimes a simple repair won’t do. Here are three common garage door problems and our verdict on whether or not you should repair or replace it.

Garage Door Gets Warped From Weather Damage

Winter Park gets it’s fair share of extreme weather, especially hurricanes. When extreme weather comes through, garage doors can get warped from severe winds or objects being thrown against it. Even if your garage door still opens and closes, eventually a warped door will cause more problems.

Verdict: Replace it.

Garage Door Has Problems Opening or Closing

You may hear some strange noises while operating your garage door. It may be opening slowly, partially, or not at all. Maybe it opens, but it’s jerky. It could be a problem with the tension springs. A good local company that does garage door spring repair in Winter Park, FL, can handle this easily.

Verdict: Repair it.

Cosmetic Damages

Your garage door may look old and worn. Perhaps you have chipped paint, scratches, stains that won’t come out, or anything else that makes it look bad. Cosmetic damages don’t usually affect the integrity of the door.

Verdict: Repair it.

Garage doors don’t last forever. Eventually you’ll need a company that does garage door spring repair in Winter Park, FL, – preferably one that can also do replacements. Business Name can help you understand whether your garage door needs repairing or replacing. Find out more about their services at website url.

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