Troubleshooting Heat Pumps before Calling the Best Heating Contractors in Clinton

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps can be found in many homes around the United States because these heating and cooling devices can work throughout summer and winter. These systems are built with two separate parts – the interior unit and the exterior unit. Because there are two different sections it can be difficult to target the root of the problem without assistance from the best heating contractors in Clinton. The best heating contractors in Clinton will use their knowledge and special tools to get problems rectified quickly, but it is worth troubleshooting the device first to check if the error is fixable with a simple tweak.

Maintaining Exterior Components

The outdoor unit will face an immense amount of pressure throughout winter, what with plummeting temperatures and heavy rainfall. With some basic maintenance you can keep the exterior components in good condition. It is advisable to replace the filters every few months or if you don’t want to replace them you can clean them in mild soap and water. Dirt, debris and leaves can obstruct the unit and you should tackle this every so often to avoid problems. Make sure you turn the power off before you clean the unit and get help lifting the unit onto a concrete slab to reduce future problems.

Power Interruptions

There are many reasons why power interruptions may occur, such as a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. After this happens you should not turn the heat pump on for at least six hours. If the device does not work after this time, contact the best heating contractors in Clinton and ask them to perform an inspection. Repairs may need to be completed to boost the performance of the appliance or you may want to purchase a battery backup device. Battery backup devices work even if the power goes out, so you don’t have to worry about the heat pump letting you down.

Maintenance Agreement Programs

You may not even have to devote your time to maintaining your device if you find a technician who has a Maintenance Agreement Program. When you are part of a program like this you can expect a technician to perform regular maintenance checks on your behalf. They will not cost anything and you can avoid costly repairs by detecting problems when they are in the early stages. Ask the best heating contractors in Clinton if they offer this before paying for services because it could make your device last much longer.

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