Troubleshooting Faulty Heat Pumps in Portland Oregon

by | Nov 22, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Just like any other heating device, it is possible that heat pumps in Portland Oregon may encounter problems as time progresses. The older the heat pumps in Portland Oregon are, the less energy efficient they are likely to be. This is especially true if the appliance was purchased before 2006 because at this time, the SEER rating would have been lower than 13. Servicing your heat pumps on a regular basis will make it easy to detect problems and with some troubleshooting tips, you can catch the problem before it gets worse.

Air Flow

If the air flow coming from your heat pumps in Portland Oregon is not sufficient, this may indicate a dirty filter. The filter must be clean in order to transport air effectively and by cleaning the filters once every month, you can increase the overall air quality in the home. It is recommended to clean the filters on the months when you use heating and cooling the most, which is normally summer and winter. As well as checking the air flow, turn the fan switch on and make sure the air handler is working correctly. If it is not, you may need to buy replacement parts.

Thermostat Settings

You can really test heat pumps in Portland Oregon by fiddling with the thermostat. If the device does not respond to the thermostat settings, it is clear that you will require a service from a professional. Turn the thermostat setting to high and wait for the heating system to kick in. If the temperature does not increase there could be two causes. One reason may be because the batteries need replacing or the other reason may be that you need to get new heat pumps installed. You may also want to check the circuit breaker and reset any breakers that have tripped.

Monitoring Operation

When heat pumps in Portland Oregon come to the end of their life, the performance starts to decrease. By monitoring the operation of a device you can confirm whether or not the device is failing to function completely or whether it is working inconsistently. If the thermostat on your heat pump is too high, this may cause the operation to dwindle so lower the setting and try to target any differences with performance. Alternatively, the refrigerant levels may be too low and by topping this up, the system should work much better. If the device continues to operate poorly after removing debris that is blocking the unit, you should contact a heating contractor who can provide services and replacements for heat pumps.

Some air flow problems are too complex to troubleshoot alone and if your heat pumps in Portland Oregon have a broken belt or blower motor, you should hire a professional. Visit to get free estimates for heat pump services and repairs.

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