Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Lakeville Unit Working Efficiently

Almost everyone has some form of air conditioning in their house these days, and it isn’t uncommon for the units to break down. When that happens you usually have to call Air Conditioning Technicians. This can be pretty expensive, depending on the problem with your unit. If you take proper care of your Air Conditioning Lakeville unit then you could potentially save yourself a lot of money and frustration.

A big way to help your air conditioning unit remain in working order is to change the filters often. The frequency in which you should change your filter depends on some variables. People with pets should change their filters more often than people without pets because the fur can clog the filter, causing its effiency to go down. When the filter is old of clogged it doesn’t clean the air as well and the entire unit has to work harder to cool your home. The harder a unit has to work the more energy it uses, and the faster it will get worn down.

Another big thing to be aware of are air conditioner coils. The evaporator coil and the condenser coil can become very dirty. Like the filter, the dirtier these coils get, the less they function. It is important to keep the area around your coils clean and the keep plants and dirt away from them. Big plants should be trimmed to at least two feet away from the coils and your unit. Investing in something called a fin comb will help you keep your coil fins in good condition. Sometimes the fins become bent and will get in the way of the air flow. The fin comb will help you keep them in their proper shape.

Keeping your unit protected during winter will keep weather damage from happening. Either remove and store your room unit, or keep it properly covered. An outside unit should be covered properly, and the covering will need to be secure so it won’t easily blow away.

If you follow these tips to keep your Air Conditioning Lakeville maintained, you shouldn’t have problems with it very often. When you do have a problem you can call Air Conditioning Technicians knowing you have done your part in keeping your unit working smoothly.

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