Tips on Selecting a Specialist in Air Conditioning in Portland OR

by | Nov 10, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Just like you probably would research a dentist before sitting in his chair for oral care, you should research a provider of air conditioning in Portland OR prior to booking an appointment. Sure, your system probably is in disrepair and needs fixing pronto, but it can wait a day or so for you to actually nail down an excellent provider instead of a cut-rate maintenance company with a poor reputation or worse. Take time on the front end and get a more conditioned and better repair.

Make a List
First off, make a firm list of all repairers of air conditioning in Portland OR. Try not to leave anyone out here, since you never actually know which services are best. One that advertises the most is not necessarily the best in the business. Conversely, a really good repair team may not know much about advertising since it focuses 100 percent of its efforts on air conditioning repair. List them all, research them all and then pick the best and brightest one.

Review the Companies’ Websites
The research portion will be the most consuming of your time, but even then it will not really take all that long to do. Spend about 20 or so minutes on each provider’s web site, reading about its history and understanding its service offerings. Pay attention to the tone of each site to get a sense of how well it cares for its clients.

Find Out Who Has Negative Reviews
Reading online assessments of air conditioning professionals is a very good idea. Beyond the web sites, this gives you the informal side of things – the real experiences people have had. People often write more about the negative ones, so any company you may be considering is worthy of a check here, if only to validate whether anyone has written anything particularly scathing about an air conditioning repair team or company.

Find Out Who’s Appreciated by Other Customers
Conversely, reading reviews to dig for positive information is key too. Some people write the most glowing of reviews about the air conditioning specialists they have chosen for their repair needs. They often include specifics too, such as the professionalism they encountered by the staff, the quality of the services that were performed on these units and the follow-up care received after an appointment was made. Finding out the good is just as crucial as finding out the bad in an air conditioning repair company.


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