Tips For Maximizing Efficiency of AC Units in Dallas

by | May 3, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Whether you know it or not, there are several tips you can use to maintain your air conditioning unit. Every air conditioning unit requires routine maintenance. These are simple maintenance tasks you can perform yourself. Keeping your air conditioning unit well maintained will save you time and money.

Avoid having to replace your HVAC unit prematurely by changing the air filter regularly. Most manufacturers require filters to be changed at least every 30 days. Neglecting to do this can cause air flow problems and can impact the efficiency of your unit.

Do not restrict the air flow by placing furniture or other items over the vents in your home. Proper air flow is instrumental in allowing your system to properly distribute air.

Check your thermostat batteries at least quarterly. Replace the batteries at least twice a year. This is something you can do yourself and is an easy task. Not all thermostats have batteries so make sure you check to see if yours does.

When mowing your lawn make sure you point the chute away from your outside condensing unit. It’s a well known fact that mowers pick things up like twigs and rocks. Something that small can cause a hole in the coils or other parts of your unit. This type of damage will result repairs that are costly.

Check and make sure that your outside condensing unit is level. The unit needs to sit flat on the concrete or wood surface. If sitting at an uneven angle it can result in damage to your unit.

Make sure the area around your outside condensing unit is free from brush, limbs and twigs.

Wash the outside of your outside unit at least twice a month or after mowing. The unit should also be taken apart at least once a year and washed out thoroughly. It is recommended that you have a professional from AC Dallas do this for you.

These are just a few basic maintenance tips that can help prevent problems with your HVAC unit. Routine maintenance and necessary repairs can also be performed by calling AC Dallas. A professional HVAC service person can help you maintain your unit and keep it in good working condition.





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