Tips for Choosing an ESD Floor Mat

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Home Improvement

If you work in an ESD protected area, then you probably already know that an ESD floor mat is an important thing to have for the safety of the equipment and for the safety of yourself and other employees. However, you might be a little confused on how to choose the correct ESD mat for your needs. Read on below for a few tips to help you choose the right mat.

What Material?
You can normally find ESD floor mats in two different types of materials. These are vinyl and rubber. These mats are cost-effective, you can cut them easily and there are some varieties that are cushioned for comfort concerns.

What Size?
An ESD floor mat can come in a variety of sizes. They usually come in rolls and many suppliers offer them as ready to use pre-cut mats for ease of use. These mats are of course more expensive, but if you aren’t good with cutting them yourself, this is the best way to go.

What Electrical?
One important thing to remember is that ESD floor mats, or any ESD mats for that matter, are not all created equal. Make sure that you get an ESD floor mat that has the right resistance you need to ensure you have the protection you need.

Set a Budget
You do need a budget starting out, of course. Sit down and create a budget for how much you can spend on mats for your business. Remember, never sacrifice quality for a lower price however, as it could jeopardize the safety of your employees.

These are just a few tips for choosing an ESD floor mat for your business. For more information on ESD mats and table mats, contact the professionals at Anti-Static Table Mats for help and answers to any of your questions.

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