The Best of Both Worlds with Shutter Blinds in Bradenton, FL

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Window Installation

When homeowners begin to think about the type of window treatment that they’d like for their new homes or for renovations, they often narrow the choices down to two: shutters or blinds. They’ll often ask which is the best choice for their homes. But there’s an alternative, one that gives you the best of both worlds, so to speak – shutter blinds.


Shutter blinds give you the classic appearance of shutters and the ease of use that you associate with blinds. You control light levels with horizontal slats that can be opened or closed. When in the closed position, you benefit from an extra layer of insulation and you have all the privacy that you could desire. Because this control is so stress-free, this design has become one of the most popular choices among property owners.

If you’ve decided against plantation shutters for any reason, you might want to view the products offered at Take a few minutes to learn more about the extensive range of window treatments and coverings and then call to talk to a representative about the choice that will work best for you. Select what you need and want based on style, budget, and specific function.

Wood, Faux Wood

You may feel that the 2½”-slats, shutter-style wood blinds are just right for your purposes. These can be stained or painted to match and complement your flooring, furniture, or existing trim. If you’d prefer 2½” or 3” slats in faux wood, you can specify this when you consult with a member of the staff. Visit website for varieties in shutter blinds in Bradenton, FL.

You don’t have to choose between shutters and blinds, though you could. Each has its own benefits, of course. But when you choose shutter blinds in Bradenton, FL, you get both. In addition, you’ll be making an addition to your home that not only enhances appearance and provides great function but will improve the property value by making it more attractive.

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