Tips for an Algae Free Pool

Nothing can put an end to your pool season more quickly than algae. Algae can contaminate your pool if you are not using the proper techniques to stop it from growing. Many people do not realize it is far easier to take care of their daily pool maintenance regime than it will ever be to try and rid themselves of algae once it begins to grow. Here are some tips to keep your pool algae free:

  • Hot Weather: The problem with algae is that is loves the heat. And of course if you have an outdoor pool and you want to use your pool in the summer when the weather gets extra hot you want to swim not clean. However during the hottest days you can do a number of things to avoid algae. The first is to keep your pump running 24/7 which will use up a lot of energy but that will be stop algae from thriving. The second is to add extra chlorine which will kill the algae but hurt your eyes. The last is to make sure your filter is working properly to help prevent algae. The simplest is to have an ionizer, an alternative to chlorine, that will help keep algae at bay without the need to burn your eyes with chlorine or drive your energy bills skyward.
  • Algaecide:  You can also use algaecide weekly. However this is yet another chemical you are adding into your pool water.
  • Not Using the Pool: If you use a solar blanket avoid using it for more than two days straight without removing it. This will create the warm water that algae needs to grow. As well make sure you are sticking to your pool regime adding chlorine and running your pump even if you are not using your pool or algae will have the opportunity to grow.

If you want to avoid algae altogether without the need to pump up your energy bill and use an endless amount of chlorine and algaecides (packed with chemicals not ideal for you or the environment) consider adding an ionizer to your pool. Ionizers rely on a natural process with copper and silver electrodes that kill bacteria and viruses in water as well as algae. You will need far less chlorine and your water will be clear and algae free. They offer an alternative to chlorine allowing you to use less chemicals and enjoy a healthier pool for your family to enjoy.

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