Three Valuable Tips on How to Troubleshoot Problems With an Air Conditioning System in Edmond OK

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit is made up of many individual components. Each of these components must be in a good condition for the entire system to operate normally. By scheduling regular inspection and maintenance by a qualified air conditioning contractor, one can enjoy greater comfort and save money on unnecessary AC repairs. Most AC maintenance practices can be performed without hiring the services of a professional. However, if an air conditioner has malfunctioned, it is vital to contact a certified AC technician immediately. Here are some reliable tips on how to troubleshoot common problems with an Air Conditioning System in Edmond OK before hiring a professional.

Air Conditioner Does Not Start

If an air conditioner does not start, first check to be sure that the unit is turned on, and firmly plugged into a working electrical outlet. Check if the circuit breaker has tripped or fuses blown off. Replace any blown fuses and reset a tripped circuit breaker. Make sure that the temperature control thermostat is working correctly, and that it is set to cool. If the problem continues, contact a certified AC repair professional for assistance.

Air Conditioner is Not Cold Enough

If an AC unit is not cold enough, the condenser coils or air filter might be dirty. Dirty condenser coils may not be able to dissipate heat removed from the indoor air while clogged air filters cannot maintain a smooth airflow. This significantly reduces the unit’s cooling capacity. To remedy the problem, clean dirty condenser coils and clogged air filters. If the problem continues, use an ohmmeter to test the run capacitor and thermistor for continuity. Contact a licensed air conditioning contractor to help you fix or replace any of these parts if defective.

Air Conditioner is Noisy

If an AC unit is noisy, check whether the fan blades are dirty or broken. The fan blades are located in the AC cabinet. Replace broken fan blade or clean them if dirty. Additionally, clean the coil fins and tighten any loose nuts. If the noise continues, contact an AC professional for help.

With an adequate knowledge of the above troubleshooting tips, one can indeed save money on repairing an Air Conditioning System in Edmond OK. For additional details about air conditioner repair, and how to contact a certified AC technician, Visit Benchmark Mechanical, Inc.

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