A Construction Fence in Milwaukee, WI can Protect People, Equipment, and Wetlands

Construction sites are busy places that create expensive structures. Many types of construction equipment and materials are used to create new buildings. All of these items are attractive targets for thieves and vandals. Developers often install a construction fence in Milwaukee WI, to protect these items. Fences are also used to protect the safety of workers and visitors. A perimeter fence that limits access to authorized personnel. Interior fences prevent people from walking in areas where items could fall on them. Fences also prevent people from falling in large foundation holes or drainage structures.

A Construction Fence in Milwaukee WI is a temporary fence that is easy to install and dismantle. Contractors often move the same fence from one site to another. Usually, construction fences consist of chain link panels held in place by posts. The posts can either be driven into the ground or held in place by strong metal braces that sit on top of the ground. Developers may also opt to top off the chain link fence with a row or ball of barb wire. This makes it even more difficult for intruders to enter the site. Chain link fences can range in height from four feet to six feet. Perimeter fences are usually as high as possible.

Fences can also be used to protect the environment. Construction permits require that no silt or other runoff be allowed to flow into wetlands on or off of the site. Building inspectors check to confirm that a silt fence has been put in place to fulfill this requirement. Often, the silt barrier can be added to the bottom of a construction fence. A three-foot trench is dug to hold the heavy-duty plastic silt barrier. Construction posts can also be placed in the trench to support the barrier. The chain link panels are then also attached to the post. The trench is filled and secured. Any wetlands on the site will be surrounded by this type of fence.

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