Three Tips on Hiring a Roofer in Seattle

by | Aug 6, 2012 | Construction

When owning a home, there are considerable repairs that will need to be made in the lifetime of the structure and supporting features of the house. Some projects are simple and can be done with a few friends on a weekend; however there are much larger repairs that will require the assistance of a qualified company. Repairing a roof is one such job. Without the background of working in residential roofing, a majority of homeowners don’t possess the “know how” to determine if a new roof is needed or if only a repair is called for. It is extremely important to know how to choose the right roofer in Seattle for the job that will do the roof correctly and be honest with all estimates and professional opinions.

The first step a homeowner must take before contacting any residential roofing company is to research roofing terms on the internet. When contacting a roofing company, it will be very important to have a basic understanding of the terms that they will use. This can be more than helpful in comprehending what they are talking about.

Here are three tips to help in selecting a good roofer in Seattle:

*     Ensure the legitimacy of their business – All reputable companies will have a permanent business address and telephone number, not only a mobile number. It’s extremely important to research the company’s worker’s comp policies as well to insure that the homeowner will not be held responsible in the event of an accident that may be had on the property of the homeowner.

*     Reputation – There are many industry associations that roofing companies can become a member of in order to keep them up to date on industry advances and changes. Utilizing Seattle’s Better Business Bureau to uncover any complaints that the roofing company may have received is another way to find out the reputation of the company. If unable to find any information to confirm their reputation, positive or negative; ask the estimator/ salesman to give up references that will be willing to vouch for the work of the company and their values.

*     Estimate – Upon the initial inspection of the work to be completed by the roofing company, the Estimator or Sales Rep should offer up a written proposal which will include complete details of the work to be done as well as other details. It should spell out payment expected, payment options, start date of the work, estimated completion date and all other pertinent details to the job for the house. If the estimate is accepted, it is vital that the roofer in Seattle show up with the necessary crew, tools and materials on time and ready to work.

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