Things To Ask Before Hiring Roofing in Exton

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Home Improvement

Before you hire a company for Roofing in Exton, do some research to make sure the company is reputable. You’ll spend a lot of money for a new roof or repairs, and mistakes can mean even more money to fix mistakes.

Insurance is one of the most important things ask about before you hire a roofer. If the roofer or company is not insured, the homeowner is responsible for accidents or injuries. Hospital and medical bills for an accident can be very costly for the homeowner.

Ask the roofer if he has worker’s compensation and liability insurance before you hire him. Do not let them work unless they can prove they have insurance.

Ask the Roofing in Exton company if they offer a warranty for the roof or any repairs. Materials are usually covered by the manufacturer, but the roofer should also give a warranty for the labor. Without a warranty, the homeowner is responsible for any damage that happens as a result of the repairs. Look for a warranty of at least one year.

Ask who is responsible for permits. Most roofers will pull the necessary permits before working on the job. He will also pay for them, but the money is included in the final cost of the project.

Ask the roofer for references from previous clients. Also ask if he has pictures of previous work or examples of work. Ask for ten references and pick two or three of the ten to call to ask about their work. Be wary of reviews on the Internet because the can be misleading.

Ask the roofer where his business is located. A roofer with an established office or other location is unlikely to take off with your money. Some legitimate roofers do work out of their homes because they work at a job site. Having a home office does not mean the company is not trustworthy, but do ask how long they have been in business and if they have a tax ID for their business. The longer a roofer has been in business, the more likely he is to stay around to finish the job.

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