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by | Apr 16, 2013 | AC Repair

There are different types of companies that provide AC Repair Reno, you want to choose a company that is reputable and is licensed and bonded. Companies that are licensed and bonded are covered if anything was to happen to them or the equipment they’re working with. It is best to check the references of the different varieties of companies you plan on contacting. Anybody can claim that they can do AC Repair Reno, but you will find out when you contact their previous customers. It is also helpful to know what kind of knowledge they have when it comes to air-conditioning repair.

There are a variety of different air-conditioning units out in the world. These can range from unitary to package terminal systems. When dealing with unitary systems these are the more common room air conditioners. They typically sits in a window or wall opening and have interior controls, the air from inside of your residence is cooled as a fan pushes air over a condenser. Typically if your house is big enough you will have several these units in various rooms throughout your house, to allow cooling of each room separately. Packaged terminal systems are also known as ductless systems or wall split air-conditioning systems. These types of systems are normally used in motels or hotels. With the condensing unit, it is typically outside with the evaporating unit being on the outside. These are connected with tubes through the wall connecting one another. This type of system can be adapted to provide heating to the environment, during cold weather by reversing the refrigerant flow. This type of a system is typically more expensive than central air-conditioning.

Some of the other different varieties of air-conditioning units can vary between evaporating coolers to portable units. So when trying to find an AC Repair services Reno, much care needs to be taken to find somebody that has extensive knowledge. It is not wise just to pay anybody off the street to repair your system. Nowadays technicians go to school for a minimum of seven months but can take up to 20 years to fully learn the industry.

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