There Is Nothing Quite Like Sunrooms in Albany

by | Dec 8, 2012 | Home Improvement

Sunrooms in Albany allow you to enjoy the sun regardless of the time of year. Winter can actually be a very pleasant time of year when you are sitting in the sun, in your shirtsleeves, relaxing with a good book. Depending on where you live, even the summer months can remain too cool to enjoy sitting outdoors, a sunroom, or as they are often called, solarium, can allow you to enjoy natural sunlight all year long.

Sunrooms in Albany are also one of the additions you can make to your home which provides the biggest payback. Recent surveys indicate that a sunroom will bring a return from 90 to 115% of their original cost when the house is sold. Sunrooms are also one of the top luxury features desired by home buyers.

Sunrooms in Albany and solariums are somewhat different, even though often the terms are used interchangeably. A sunroom is attached to the house, usually a glass room addition. It can also be a glassed in porch or a glass wall in an interior room. A solarium on the other hand is usually a free standing structure.

When the planning process starts, there are issues that need to be replied to. The cost of sunrooms in Albany, the materials, the location and design are all important.

Designs: There are a host of different sunroom designs, the one selected should meet the expectations of you and your family and tailor itself to your environment. The average natural climate where your home is located is certainly a major factor.

The design could be strictly seasonal and be designed for use in the spring, summer and early fall. Seasonal sunrooms in Albany are not intended to be used all the time so they will not have such things as heating, ventilating and air conditioning nor will they be well insulated. Seasonal sunrooms will probably have single pane glass, natural ventilation and screens; they are perfect for all year use in warmer climates.

Round the year sunrooms in Albany are great if you are located in the north, northeast or northwest where winters can get fierce. This design will be well insulated and use double or triple paned glass with inert gas fill. A proper heating and air conditioning system is important as well, these will allow the comfort to be maintained equally as the seasons change. Popular choices for the roof are glass conservatory style or cathedral style. It is not necessary to have full length ceiling to floor glass, an equally comfortable room can have a knee high wall with the balance in glass.

The location of sunrooms in Albany are important. Attempt to avoid a sunroom which faces north as it will admit the least amount of light. If you want morning sun try for east facing, afternoon sun is to the west and all day light is when you’re facing south.



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