Getting rid of stains on your carpet

Maintaining a clean and stain-free carpet or rug can be a very difficult task especially if you have small children around. Therefore, it is important that you learn how well to maintain your rugs to ensure that you are not forced to buy a new one every now and then. Emergency cleaning, especially those caused by spills, can be very difficult if you don’t know the right measures or what to use. If not properly cleaned, spills can stain the rug to the extent that you cannot use it again. It is always recommended that you clean stains immediately after spilling on your carpet. However, in some cases the stains might be too tough on your rugs that you might be forced to call the experts to help you out. There are several rug cleaning companies in Lancaster County PA that you might actually consider calling to clean the rugs and carpets for you.

There are quite a number of household items that every home owner should be aware of for cleaning carpets and rugs.

1. The first thing that you should always consider using is a paper towel. Whenever you spill a drink on your carpet, try to remove the excess fluid from the carpet using a paper towel. The paper towels absorb the excess fluids and stop the carpet from getting completely drenched. If you take time before extracting the water it will become more difficult to clean the carpet since water will have seeped deeper in the rug fibers.

2. The other household items that you can use are baby wipes. You can use baby wipes to remove fresh ink stains from your rug. You can use the baby wipes on the affected area preventing stains from affecting the carpet.

3. You can also use white vinegar to clean your carpet. All you have to do is mix a teaspoon of vinegar with warm water and apply it on the stained area. Apply the solution of vinegar and water onto the stained area and blot using paper towels to remove any stains. Vinegar is tough on any kind of stain especially foods and drinks stains. However, you should not use vinegar without mixing it with water as it is too tough and can damage the carpet.

The household items can only be used to clean fresh stains. Therefore, in case of hard stains, all you need to do is contact a rug cleaning company to clean it for you using the right chemicals.

There are quite a number of Rug Cleaning companies in Lancaster County PA that you can contact to help you get rid of tough stains or advice you on how to maintain your carpet. They can clean the carpet right at your own home so you don’t have to worry about transporting it.



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