The Benefits Of Siding Installation In Carmel

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Home Improvement

Does your home need a boost in the curb appeal department? If so, consider Siding Installation in Carmel. Siding and paint give home exteriors a facelift. However, siding can be more affordable and last longer. Here are a few tips about selecting siding.

Siding vs. Painting

Experts say siding is a better long-term investment than a paint job. The best-quality exterior paint costs between $50 to $100 per gallon. Further, it takes about 16 gallons to cover a 3,000 square foot house. In addition, there will be charges for labor.

On the other hand, siding increases the value of a home. Moreover, Siding Installation in Carmel lasts far longer than a simple paint job. Indeed, many types of siding can last for up to fifty years.

Pricey But Worth It

Siding installation is a major investment but is well worth it. For instance, you will save the cost of painting every few years. Vinyl siding costs less than other types, but installation starts at $5,000 for an average-sized home. Vinyl is also energy efficient because it can provide another layer of insulation.

Different Types Of Siding

Along with cost, vinyl siding is popular due to its versatility. Manufacturers have been able to reproduce the look of more expensive sidings with vinyl. For example, vinyl is available that looks just like cedar. Further, vinyl is very durable, withstanding heavy rain and wind.

Additionally, vinyl siding keeps away insects including termites. Further, very little maintenance is required to keep the siding looking good. Wood siding is gorgeous but a bit more temperamental. Indeed, wood siding must be stained and sealed to prevent rot and mildew. On the plus side, siding is available in many wood varieties, including pine, spruce, and cedar.

Fiber-cement siding has taken the market by storm. This material is a pricey alternative to vinyl and wood but is well worth the cost. Fiber-cement is resistant to insects, fire, and rot. The material is virtually maintenance-free and can be made to look like any material.

Clearly, consumers have a lot to think about. Siding is expensive, but the exterior of the house will look great for years. For more information, visit Amos Exteriors Inc.

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