Surge Protection in Marietta – Guide

Surge protection is necessary, so that nothing bad could happen to anybody due to electric spikes or other issues. As there are many devices in the market, so guidance is very important for a normal person other than a professional. In Marietta different manufacturers have developed protectors in this regard. Some factors that would help in buying these devices are described here:

Device types: They include battery backup, wall mounted, strips and whole house protection.

Types of connections: They include data line, power line, phone lines, TV cable, dish for satellite, and USB etc.

Ratings: They include suppressed voltage, voltage protection, joule rating as well as response time.

Energy saving devices: They include master plugs, power plugs, remote control units, load-sensing plugs, timers, and occupancy detecting units.


Whole house protection: They are installed in the main panel of the whole house, and they have an ability to protect the whole house from external surges. They are also known as point-of-entry-protectors. They can also protect the house from inner surges that are produced due to appliances, but those surges should reach the main panel. The installer should carefully follow the advice being given on the manufacturer’s book and all the local codes should be met. This device is widely used for surge protection in Marietta.

Surge protection strips: They are commonly used, and various devices are plugged into the strip, putting the strip into an electrical outlet. The strip diverts the energy away from the appliances. However, all the strips don’t have this quality, but only those which have a surge protection provision inside it.

A device with backup battery: This is also a point-of-use device, as it gives instant backup to the devices being connected when the power failure happens. This is also called UPS, and it also provides surge protection. As, the battery keeps on charging and the light does not directly reaches the devices, hence this option also protects the appliances from the surges.

Wall mounted protector: It acts as an outlet and also looks like that; however the protector is built inside it. It is suitable for providing protection to the areas which cannot be protected though a full surge protectors. Like, you can use it for a microwave in the kitchen, for a refrigerator, for an Ac or TV etc.

Protection types: The device not only protects the power lines, instead they are also required for power cords, Ethernet cords, telephones, cable and satellite cables, and also USB cords. If you have multiple devices at home, then see how they are connected for better installment of the protector, as the surge travels from one device to another.

Similarly, these devices help in saving energy; as if the TV or any other device is plugged into the wall directly, they will keep on using the power, but in case of a surge protector if we turn it off the power will be saved. So, this shows that how important is the surge protection in the houses and other buildings of Marietta.

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