Stainless Steel Cookware Pieces Every Kitchen Needs

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Home and Garden

When you don’t want to discover too late you do not have all you need in your kitchen knowing the important tools that you will use most often will be helpful. A cookware set is a must and most people appreciate the durability and cooking capabilities of stainless steel cookware with an aluminium or copper core. Here are some of the pieces you will want to look for in a cookware set:

* Stockpot: This is a large tall pot with a lid designed for making stock. Because this would traditionally include a large bone or many bones as well as plenty of liquid a stock pot is the largest pot in a cookware set.

* Sauce Pan: Sauce pans are similar in look to a stock pot but are much smaller and less deep. Some sauce pots come with a spout for easy pouring. Their shallowness makes them easier to stir hence the perfect thing for sauces. You can also use them for rice and boiling veggies, etc. You can get them in a few sizes, large, medium and small to suit your needs.

* Braising Pan: A braising pan is like a deeper pan ideal to sear meat and then add liquid for braising. They are often able to be used on the stove top as well as in the oven and come with a lid and double handles for easy lifting in and out of the oven.

* Sautee Pans: These pans are used for searing meats browning and even deep frying and the straight edges keep oil from splashing during cooking. They also come with a lid.

* Wok or Sloped Pan: Woks are not just for stir fries and can be used for making everything from spaghetti sauce to deep frying. It is versatile enough that it has many uses making it a perfect purchase is you have a limited budget and can only get a few pieces.

* Double Boilers: Not everyone needs a double boiler but if you bake they are perfect for melting chocolate and are also a must for fussy sauces such as hollandaise or lemon curds. The pot that comes with the double boiler can also be used for cooking and often comes with a lid.

There are many more stainless steel cookware pieces from which to choose but these are a good start for the new kitchen.



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