Simple Repair Tips when a Home’s HVAC System Stops Working

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Air Conditioning

When the heating system in a home is not working as it should, it can have a negative impact on everyone living in the home. This can often create an uncomfortable situation and the homeowner will often want to find a remedy for it as soon as possible. While there are a number of things he or she can attempt to do that may get the unit running, generally it will require the help of a professional HVAC technician.

One of the first steps a homeowner can try is checking the thermostat on the system. The thermostat controls whether the unit is trying to send out heat into the home or not. Often if the thermostat is not reading the correct temperature, this can prevent the heat from coming on. Often an electronic thermostat will start to work incorrectly when the batteries in the unit near the end of their life. If the reading on the unit seems incorrect, changing the battery may be a simple fix to the problem.

If the residential HVAC system cleaning in Bellevue WA is coming on, but no air is being produced, it may be a problem with the air filter on the unit. The air filter is located behind a short panel on the blower unit of the system. The blower is generally housed in the attic, crawlspace or utility closet inside the home.

Once the air filter is found, pulling it from the compartment is generally a simple task. Holding the filter to the light will demonstrate the amount of light making its way through the filter. This is comparable to the amount of air able to pass through the filter. If little light is showing through, the air filter is the problem. Replacing or cleaning the air filter may correct the problem.

Finally, if the burner on the system is not lighting up properly this can prevent the air coming into the home from being heated. The burner will not ignite if the pilot light on the unit has gone out. A homeowner can check this on the unit. If the pilot light is not lit, they can use the instructions in the user’s manual for the system to correct this issue.

If these basic repair tasks do not get the unit working again, the best choice is generally to wait for a professional to inspect the unit.

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