The Best Drainage System Can Protect Your Property

It is well known that a nicely designed front lawn can raise the curb appeal of a home, but keeping the entire lawn landscaped is also important. A well-planned and maintained lawn can raise the value of your home. One element that many homeowners need is a drainage system for the yard. Top area landscape experts can suggest the Best Drainage System.

There is more to landscaping than well planted flowers and trees; landscaping is an art that involves grading, lighting, and drainage. A comprehensive landscape design will have both soft and hardscape features. A few examples of hard features are patios, retaining walls, steps, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. Some soft design features include the garden, lighting and pools. All of the elements together can make your yard the inviting space you are looking for.

Bednar Landscape Services Inc. and companies like it can provide the comprehensive services you need to design, build, and maintain your landscape. Maintenance involves routine care such as lawn care, tree and shrub care, and fertilization and pesticide treatment, but all of the design and maintenance will be laid to waste without the Best Drainage System built into the design.

Drainage is important because it directs water away from areas that can be damaged by heavy water flow such as your home’s foundation, gardens, and walkways. There are several types of drain system solutions such as channel drains, French drains, sump pumps, or a dry creek bed. French drains are basically a ditch with a perforated pipe beneath the surface. Sump pumps are areas under your basement that fill up with water, during heavy storms for example, and channel the water to ground level so your basement does not flood. A dry creek bed is a stoned channel that looks like a creek bed that channels run-off; the creek bed adds an attractive element to your yard while minimizing an erosion problem. These are just a few of the possible solutions for drainage issues; contact a landscape professional to find the Best Drainage System for your property.

Landscaping serves several functions: it improves the appearance of your property, provides a place to relax and have fun, and resolves drainage issues which can prevent damage to your home and the erosion of your lawn. For more ideas Click Here.

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