Signs that Siding Repair in Redding CA is Needed

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Siding

The siding on a home is one of the only things standing between a house and the outside elements. Every board works as a cohesive unit, along with the paint, caulk and nails to help and keep moisture away from the insulation and drywall beneath it. It is essential that the siding is able to do its job, or interior damage may occur. In some cases, homeowners are unable to see the actual damage the siding has caused; however, there are a number of signs they can watch for that will indicate it is time for Siding Repair in Redding CA.

Aging and Deterioration

Siding is going to show how old it is based on what it is made of. Vinyl will become solar weathered, wood siding can warp or rot and an older, type of Masonite siding may begin to crack along the edges and deteriorate, which will allow water to seep in. In all of these situations, the damage is going to appear as uneven, warped or wavy spots in the individual boards. If this type of issue is noticed, then calling for Siding Repair in Redding CA is essential.


Another sign that an issue is present is if the homeowner can see the exposed heads of nails, or if there are missing or rusty ones present. If the nails have actually popped out of place, then it means that the siding has started to move, or that it has been contracting and expanding. A rusty nail is a definite sign of moisture damage and if it is left untreated may begin to develop streaks down the side of the house. If possible, siding needs to be installed with stainless steel nails. If the nails are completely missing, then the siding may fall or blow away, leaving the side of the home exposed.

The professionals from G & S Construction offer more information about siding and when professional services are needed. For those who are interested, they can also browse the website to learn more. Being informed can help to prevent serious damage and issues that may arise due to faulty siding on a home.

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