See How Granite Countertops Stand Up to Your Kitchen’s Toughest Abuse

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Home Improvement

You may already be considering the granite countertops Naperville has available because of their beauty, but you will be amazed at all of granite’s other qualities. Granite is ideal for kitchens due to its speckled appearance, but it is also a durable material that resists stains and heat. It is easy to maintain and keep clean, and resists bacteria, making it perfect for the kitchen since it’s nonporous.


Granite countertops are the best choice for kitchens. Granite is a stone that can easily stand up to the wear and tear your family will throw its way. It is definitely more durable than other materials such as Formica, and it resists scratching.

Resists Heat

Granite countertops are ideal for installing next to cooktops and ranges. This stone resists heat so that you will no longer have to worry about a hot pan or lid being set on your countertop. Many types of countertops will burn or leave unsightly marks behind when hot dishes are placed directly on them. The heat won’t even weaken granite over time. Your countertop will still look amazing after years of use.

No Staining

If your granite countertop has been properly sealed, you should never have to worry about staining, either. As a natural stone, granite does not absorb liquids. You can relax when you and your family make tea or coffee. The days of unsightly rings left behind will be over. Even the sauces from your favorite Italian dishes won’t be a threat.

If you are considering the granite countertops Naperville has available because of their attractive appearance, you will be pleasantly surprised by all of granite’s other great qualities. Granite won’t damage when heat is applied or stain. It is a durable stone that you can count on for many years to come. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite at to explore all of your countertop options.

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