Renovation Blues?

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Electrical

A passion for older homes is a beautiful thing preserving our unique Vancouver architectural heritage is incredibly satisfying and at the same time preserving architectural history for future generations. However, the course of true love seldom runs smooth and your older home may have electrical issues that were not apparent at the time you purchased it. Whether it is outdated wiring or insufficient electrical boxes, your older home could have problems that range from the merely annoying like trying to find an empty wall plug to the life-threatening such as shocks and electrical fires.

How Old is Too Old?

Wiring is one of those out of sight/out of mind issues. However, homeowners should consider the age and condition of the wiring before performing any renovations. Outdated wiring may be as new as 20 years old but still insufficient to handle modern electrical loads and attempting to run all the modern amenities could result in blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, shorts and faults, and even fires and shocks. To assess the condition of your home’s wiring, a local electrical services contractor needs to come out and have a look, and then draw up a plan to modernize your homes wiring.

There Are No DIY Electricians!

Electrical services contractors must be licensed by Technical Safety BC and conform to all CECA safety standards. They also need to conform with local governments requirements for licensing and permits. Electricians are highly trained and skilled tradespeople, with years of experience under their belts. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to handle their own electrical issues. There are some amazing DIY people out there in Vancouver, but this area is better left to trained professionals. Look up local resources and find an experienced and licensed electrical services contractor to assist you in renovating your Vancouver dream home.

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