Reasons for Drain Cleaning in New Braunfels

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Plumbing

A drain system at home or office is exposed to many risks. One of them is when the drains become clogged and cannot get rid of waste water. Solid materials that are not supposed to enter the drain pipes can cause this blockage. It can also be caused by grease and oil getting into the pipes and partly clogging them. This is why you will need the experts in drain cleaning in New Braunfels. This is because they have the solutions to common problems of the drain system.

Getting rid of odors

Drains produce bad smell after getting clogged up. This is because they trap waste materials which accumulate and start rotting. When the materials decompose, the bad smell is produced. The most affected part of the drain system is the kitchen sink. It is unblocked by these experts using a plunger. To avoid this, the water and the solid materials are separated to avoid blockage.

Reducing waste

For proper functioning, the drainage system needs to have less solid. This is why one must reduce the solid materials flowing in the drains. The experts in New Braunfels advise on pumping the waste out of the septic tanks occasionally. Also, using the right toilet paper and avoiding throwing sanitary towels in the toilet will reduce the solid materials. Drain cleaning experts in New Braunfels also have tools like the drain snakes that are used to clean inside the pipes.

Fixing burst pipes

It is unpredictable for a pipe to burst, but it can be fixed. One will detect this through a bad odor in the house. It shows a pipe is leaking, and one needs to call an expert. Through their special equipment, the technicians will identify the exact faulty point along a pipe.

Cleaning the stains

Cleaning out stains requires special skills. Sometimes one can use homemade solutions like vinegar. For the New Braunfels experts, they have the right chemical solutions. They get the stains out fast and this leaves a clean and fresh smelling drain system

These are just some of the advantages of drain cleaning in New Braunfels. You can get all these services and more from Legend plumbing Co. They are known in the entire San Antonio and New Braunfels area for their excellent services.



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