Quality Equipment For Pellet Mills in Oregon

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

The pellet mill business has been a very profitable and long lasting one for those involved in it. At the heart of your pellet mill is all of the equipment needed to make sure it is running properly. You need to find someone who can deliver high quality equipment and has the knowledge to repair the equipment you already have because replacing unnecessary equipment is not cheap. If you are in need of Pellet Mills inOregon, or if you have pellet mills or seed processing equipment that needs to be repaired, you may want to contact the team at Leon James Construction Co. They are dedicated to providing their clients with brand new or used feed and seed processing equipment in addition to repairs and service of your existing equipment.

If you are looking for quality farming equipment of almost any kind, then a mill service company such as Leon James Construction Co. is the answer for you. They are official dealers for many different types of companies that produce mill equipment, such as American Newlong, Bazooka Conveyors and 4B Elevator Components. If you are looking for brand new equipment, they offer it all. Grain storage is a very important to your business, and there are many different pieces of equipment that need to be purchased and maintained. Whether you are in need of large commercial grain storage buildings, commercial hopper bins or anything else pertaining to grain storage, you can find it through them. If seed processing is an important part of your business, then you need the best and most durable equipment to help you make the most money. They offer all of the blenders, mixers, storage units and anything else you need, and an experienced team of contractors that can make sure your equipment is always running properly.

Since 1977, Leon James Construction Co. has been offering high quality new and used feed and seed processing equipment, and a crew dedicated to servicing the equipment you already own. Don’t trust your important equipment with just anyone, for all of your Pellet Mills Oregon needs, contact Leon James Construction Co. Today.

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