How to Choose Professionals to Clean Chimneys and Fireplace Inserts in Bethesda Homes

If you are lucky enough to have have a fireplace in your home, then you know that it can spread smoke and soot into your home if it gets too dirty. However, this situation is easily fixable by experts who specialize in cleaning chimneys and Fireplace Inserts in Bethesda. The key to getting good results is to choose a full-service company, such as Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps, who can offer benefits that include:

  • COMPLETE CLEANING: When professionals clean chimneys and Fireplace Inserts in Bethesda, they use the most modern process, which includes every area, from the bottom up. Experts efficiently clean the flue, and then inspect each chimney component. They remove buildups of Creosote, which is a major cause of chimney fires. Professionals can work with masonry and pre-fabricated fireplaces, inserts and free-standing stoves, gas and oil furnaces, and gas logs.
  • ANIMAL PROBLEMS: Many animals make their homes in fireplaces, which provide dry, warm shelters. Chimney professionals can remove these unwanted visitors, and can provide solutions that keep them from returning. Technicians will install guards, which are inexpensive and prevent snow, rain, and animals from entering chimneys. Technicians may offer a choice of stainless steel, copper, or other type of guard. They can also provide lock-top dampers, which not only keep wildlife, cold drafts, and the elements from entering chimneys, but provide a seal that saves energy.
  • REBUILDING: In addition to maintaining chimneys and Fireplace Inserts in Bethesda homes, full-service professionals can repair and rebuild them. These experts will reline your chimney, to protect its structure, and safeguard your home from fire and toxic fumes. They will also repair the masonry crown at the top of your chimney, to stop deteriorating materials from falling in. Technicians can rebuild entire fireboxes, using fire bricks and high temperature mortar materials. In addition, they will reseal and repair flashing, and rebuild complete chimneys.

It is important to have home chimneys cleaned regularly, to keep your home safe and clean. This important job should be done by professionals who use modern techniques to inspect, clean, and repair chimneys. They are also able to install guards that prevent water, cold air, or animals from entering chimneys, and remove animals who have made homes in them. Visit Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps for more information.

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