Planting Palm Trees Austin TX

Trees are one of the most versatile plants on the planet. We use them to create our shelters, our furnishings and the paper we use to document our society. They filter our air and provide us shade. They decorate our yards and provide us with food. We value their strength as in the mighty Oak and are amazed at their majesty like the giant Redwood. In the last century we have realized the need to manage this wonderful natural resource. A couple of tools for this management are the use of a Tree Farm Austin TX and green houses. In southern climates the use of Palm Trees Austin TX has become quite popular. Palms are commonly considered as the tall tree one sees on beach properties and often associated with vacations and relaxation. This generalization is a disservice to the family of palms as a whole and many species individually. Palm trees inhabit a variety of ecosystems and have adapted to environments ranging from acidic soils to lime based soils. Most palms grow and thrive in the tropics and their diversity is highest in lowland tropical regions. These plants range from trees such as the Syagrus or Queen palm to vines such as Rattan. Many are flowering plants which bear fruit like the Date palm also known as the Phoenix and the Cocos Nucifera or Coconut palm.Tree Farm Austin TX is an excellent place for homeowners to find new trees for their yard or orchard. They often provide varieties of Oak, Magnolia and palm trees for their customers. The transplantation of trees usually occur when the trees are young, often less than five years old and rarely if ever more than fifteen years old. Tree Transplanting Austin TX generally includes the root ball although some trees may not require this. Normally tree transplantation is performed in the early spring or fall to avoid trauma to the plants. Whenever it’s time for your next property upgrade remember that Palm Trees Austin TX can provide you with the variety you need. You can improve your property and help the environment at the same time. Click here for all kinds of rich, beautiful trees including oak and palm tree sales in Austin, TX.

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