Non-Residential Applications For Timber Framing in Georgia

Timber framing in Georgia, also referred to as post and beam construction, isn’t just limited to the erection of new homes. There are actually many different applications for this timeless building technique including schools, commercial buildings, barns and garden structures. Here’s why.

Timber framing in Georgia is especially popular when the aesthetics of the building are of the utmost importance. There is nothing more exquisite than the rugged beauty of a hand hewn timber. It evokes feelings of comfort and peace. For this reason, using post and beam construction in churches and schools is becoming increasingly more popular. The form and the function work together in creating the perfect space.

Buildings that use post and beam construction are also quieter than other types of commercial buildings. The wood acts as a natural insulator and also has natural sound absorption properties as well. Insulation of any type will further increase the sound absorption. Office buildings located on a bustling city street will block out the noise, allowing employees to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. The noise of footfalls from hoofed animals will be softened in barns and outbuilding constructed from post and beam. Quietness always lends itself to a feeling of calmness, again making this method of construction ideal for churches and schools.

Because of the strength and durability of the large timbers, there is no need for load bearing interior walls as there is with stick framed structures. Instead, the interior walls can be placed wherever they need. This gives the architect maximum flexibility and versatility when designing the space. Whether large or small, the space can be designed to fit your own unique needs.

Timber framing in Georgia takes about one third of the time as stick framing. In a society where time is money, a fast turn around time is especially important. In a matter of months you can have a custom built post and beam structure from the ground up.

Speaking of money, you will likely see significant savings on monthly utility bills when you choose timber framing in Georgia. The post and beam construction method boasts extremely tight joints and the wood has natural insulating properties. This makes a timber frame structure more energy efficient those built using other materials. The interior temperature will remain more consistent and your utility bills will drop by as much as 20 percent. This can translate to thousands of dollars a year for a large commercial building.

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