MDF Doors And Drawer Fronts Give You More Options

Whether you’re interested in sprucing up a room or are tired of seeing the pockmarked and ugly cabinets and doors in your home, you may want to consider alternatives to wood. MDF, Medium-Density-Fibreboard works excellently for a door or drawer fronts and can ensure that you have durable and long-lasting functionality in the room for years to come.

What It Is

Medium-density fibreboard is a man-made material that is engineered by breaking down softwood and hardwood residuals into tiny particles, which are then combined with resin or wax binders, exposed to high temperatures and pressure to produce a finished product.

The Benefits

When most people heard of medium-density fibreboard, they think of plywood and other substandard options. However, it is made differently than particleboard and plywood and can withstand the tests of time. It is also less expensive than plywood or particleboard, making it an excellent alternative if you still want the wood style without the high cost.

Doors and drawer fronts can be painted when they’re made with MDF because the surface is smoother than that of timber and other options. You’ll also notice a higher consistency throughout the piece, so the edges will cut smoother and won’t have splinters or voids/knots.

Many people prefer medium-density fibreboard over wood, especially when they want to add decorative touches with a router. However, it is also smoother and more consistent, which means you can cut detailed designs, such as scalloped edges and scrolls with a band saw, scroll saw or jigsaw and everything will be more uniform than with wood.

The Drawbacks

It is usually best to use a professional when using medium-density fibreboard because it does contain VOCs. This means that you shouldn’t inhale the particles when sanding and cutting. Professionals know this already and have the proper equipment to ensure their safety, as well as yours. If you do plan to do it yourself, you should do so outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Another drawback to using medium-density fibreboard is that it cannot be stained. In fact, it cannot get wet at all, so it may not be best to use on cabinets right under the sink or in wet/humid areas, such as the bathroom. The stain will be soaked up immediately like a sponge and won’t look right because there is no wood grain on it. However, it can be painted or left as it is for a modern take on wood cabinets.

MDF doors and drawer fronts are an excellent alternative to higher priced wood options. Visit Lovech Ltd. today to learn more.

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