MDF Custom Paneled Doors — How They Can Change Your Interior Design

Custom panel doors are not just doors, they are the focal point of entry. So, it should make an impression that lasts.

MDF custom paneled doors offer versatility, affordability, and convenience.

What Is An MDF Custom Paneled Door?

MDF custom paneled doors are made of a composite material called Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). MDF doors are typically used in place of solid wood doors because they are lighter, more durable, and more affordable.

MDF doors can be finished to look like wood or paintable for a customized look. MDF custom paneled doors are often made with alder wood and come in many different colors. They come in both raised and flat designs. They can be installed as either pre-hung or cut-to-fit for installation on site.

What Are The Different Styles Available?

The most common types of exterior doors are steel, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks that make them more or less suitable for different rooms or entryways.

– Steel doors are typically used on garages or other outbuildings. They are durable and weather resistant but can be expensive to install and maintain.

– Fiberglass doors are cheaper than steel but don’t last as long. Wood doors are popular for their aesthetic appeal but need to be maintained every few years to avoid rotting.

– Aluminum doors offer a good balance between durability and cost with some models being priced as low as $200 per door panel.

An MDF custom paneled door can complement any decor. Visit

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