Lower This Year’s Bills by Boosting the Efficiency of Heating in Rehoboth Beach DE

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Do you pay your bills every month without looking at the summary of what you are paying for? If so, you need to start paying attention now because if your bills have slowly increased, your heating in Rehoboth Beach DE is probably not as efficient as it once was. The less energy you use to power heating in Rehoboth Beach DE, the more money you can save and the lower the impact will be on the environment. To increase the efficiency of heating in Rehoboth Beach DE and to make the most of your energy usage, target the following areas at least once a month.

The HVAC System

First things first, take a look at your HVAC system to see exactly what the problem is with heating in Rehoboth Beach DE. This appliance will use more power than other appliances and this could be the reason why your bills are more expensive than usual. If there is a significant energy loss in your home somewhere, there is a high chance that it could be here. Contact a professional who can inspect and service the device once a year. At other times of the year, make sure you refer to the owner’s manual so that you can clean the appropriate parts with ease, such as the filter.

Duct and Hot Water Tank

Holes and leaks can cause problems in the duct system and a large amount of energy will escape through these areas unless you seal them properly. As soon as you find a leak you should seal it because these leaks may get bigger otherwise, and your heating in Rehoboth Beach DE may not be as worthwhile. You can use basic items from hardware stores for this job, such as duct mastic. Once sealed the cold air will not be able to enter the home as easily. If your bills continue to soar after doing this, check the hot water tank. Lots of energy might be escaping from this and the best way to prevent wasted energy is to get the hot water tank insulated by a professional.

Tightly Sealed Windows

Did you know that you could lose a lot of energy if your windows are not sealed properly? In fact, this is the most common reason for expensive energy bills because many homeowners will keep their heating on, only to discover that the warm air is escaping as quickly as it is generated! By sealing the windows properly or by getting double-glazed windows installed, you can improve the performance of your heating in Rehoboth Beach DE.

If the efficiency of your heating in Rehoboth Beach DE continues to wither, it is worth contacting a technician who can install an eco-friendly appliance. To learn more about green heating options, visit arcticheatandair.com.



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