Large Tree Limbs Over the Roof? Hire a Tree Service in San Jose

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Home and Garden

Mature trees give any landscape a defined look. They provide shade and visual points of interest. They also provide many happy hours of recreation as children are pushed in swings or play in tree houses. Unfortunately these majestic specimens sometimes outgrow their landscape. Maple and willow trees can grow so tall they dwarf a two-story home. Within a decade, they may have powerful limbs that over hang a home, garage or swimming pool. If the tree is planted on the property boundary it can become a menace to neighboring homes and families. Property owners should hire a Tree Service in San Jose for advice in handling any of these situations.

If a tree falls on a neighbor’s home, it can result in a massive insurance claim and even a lawsuit. The arborist will evaluate the health of the tree and assess how well it is rooted in the ground. It may well be sufficient to trim off some of the larger limbs that overhand the neighbor’s driveway or touch the property owner’s house. However, if the tree is dead or infested with termites, the best solution may be to cut it down. Prior to this type of work, the homeowner should make sure that the Tree Service in San Jose has the proper insurance. Liability insurance will cover any damage if the tree breaks a window or lands on a car, while the arborist is cutting it down. Worker’s compensation insurance will cover the cost of any injured worker. If these insurance policies are not in place, the homeowner’s insurance policy would be responsible for broken windows or injured workers.

Homeowners often want to minimize the cost of having a tree cut down. They’ll decide to have the Tree Service in San Jose leave a tall stump. It could be as tall as 5 feet high. They also tell them that they will take care of the wood from the tree. This is often a larger job than they envision. Even if they have a fireplace, they will have to use a chainsaw to cut up large pieces of wood to make it the right size for a fire. They will also have to learn how to use a stump grinder.

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