Keep Your Home Dry With Help From Roofers in Tucson AZ

by | May 27, 2020 | Roofing Contractor

The roof of your house is important to the protection of your property and your family. This is especially true when living in a damp area such as Tucson AZ. Severe storms and long rainy seasons can really damage a roof which is why it is important to have your home properly inspected by an expert. Experienced Roofers Tucson AZ can often find problems that a homeowner doesn’t see. For instance, they can determine if a water stain is an old problem or something completely new. A roof inspection will also check the seals around the vents and flashing to ensure no water is entering because of dried or cracked sealant.

Many homes are covered with asphalt shingles and these are a great product. Unfortunately, they have a limited life of roughly twenty to twenty five years. This means that when they get some age on them they may begin to allow water to enter the roof. In most cases you may not see the leak for a while because the water will need to find an entrance into the attic. However, sooner or later the water will accumulate somewhere even if it simply soaks into the decking and weakens the lumber. This can be very detrimental to man made materials. When this happens it is time for some serious roof repair.

Simple leaks can be fixed by shingle replacement or new sealant, but really serious problems usually require at least part of the roof be removed. With asphalt shingles this will be the shingles themselves, the underlying felt roofing and any damaged decking. With severe problems this may also mean part of the rafters will need to be replaced, but this is normally pretty rare.

When it comes to roof replacements you have several options. The first is also the most common, asphalt shingles. Alternatives such as steel roofing are becoming popular because of longer lifetimes and warranties. Zinc or zinc and aluminum galvanized steel can last for fifty years or more. Options such as clay tiles or cement tiles are just as durable, but they may requires additional roofing support for the extra weight. If your home is in need of Roofers Tucson AZ be sure and visit Guero’s Roofing.

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