Energy Efficient Windows Topeka KS

by | May 26, 2020 | Window Installation

Windows are the eyes of a home to the outside world. Part of a home’s comfort is in opening a window to feel a cool breeze, pulling back the drapes to reveal the warm sunlight, and providing a view to nature and the outside world. Because of a wide-ranging variety of climates, energy efficient windows in Louisville KY can make an enormous difference in the comfort level of a home, as well as the financial costs to comfortably heat and cool a home or business.

Whether installing windows for new construction or updating existing windows, Business Name offers windows with new technologies producing a higher performance in window efficiency. Some of their new features include; increased light transmission and viewing, ease of access to fresh air, improved comfort levels in the rooms, less condensation on the panes, reduced fading of drapes and furniture, energy and cost savings, as well as lower heating and air conditioning costs. The energy efficiency of a window is affected by different factors such as the overall size and area, shading from trees or other structures, orientation to direct sunlight, and climate extremes either hot or cold.

The performance of new windows Louisville KY is measured by the insulating value, the heat gain from solar radiation, and air leakage. When there is a difference between the air inside and the air outside, heat will be lost, or gained, through the frame of the window due to radiation, convection, and conduction. This measurement is called the window assembly U-Factor. No matter what the temperature is outside, heat comes through the window by solar radiation, either directly or indirectly.

Controlling heat that comes through the window is called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Both heat gain and heat loss occurs because of cracks in the window assembly. The air that passes through the window depends on pressure conditions or other factors such as the strength of the wind and temperature pressure. The entire window assembly determines the performance level of any window. This includes, glass types, gas fill, spaces, frame types, and the transmittance of the amount of light as it passes through the window’s glazing material.

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