Is Maintaining A Hygienic Toilet Seat Part Of Your Business Plan?

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Home and Garden

Crazy as it sounds; if your business relies on customers coming in to your premises; then; yes; providing them with a hygienic toilet seat should be very much part of your business plan. If all you do is sell newspapers to commuters rushing by then you wouldn’t have a toilet for customers’ use; but, if your business involves convincing customers to stay in your premises for quite some time; then you have to recognize that, at least some of them, are going to want to use the toilet while they are with you.

Most Of It Is Common Sense

You have installed sufficient toilets for your intended customer flow pattern and that seems to have worked out OK. You have done your best with the decoration, good quality basins, faucets and mirrors in the washing area – both female and male. Probably, you can never have enough toilet stalls in the “Ladies” but you think that you have sufficient – and your estimate seems to be bearing up OK.

Then, Business Begins To Decline A Little

Nothing really dramatic but a definite reduction in turnover; analysing this, you can only conclude that an increasing number of your regular customers are starting to leave earlier than they used to. Consequently, they are spending a little less money during each visit. It gets worse, the time gap between their visits is getting longer and you suspect that some have stopped coming altogether.

Possible Causes

You check all the aspects they taught you at business school and cannot find a solution so; you take the bull by the horns and ask some regular customers why you have not seen so much of them lately. They seem a little shy and embarrassed but, eventually, it comes out – they do not like your toilets so they have started to go home or visit elsewhere whenever they get an urge to visit the toilet. At first, you cannot believe it; the toilets are still fairly new, they have been well maintained and you pay a crew to come round periodically to keep them clean.

Turns Out, It’s The Toilet Seats

In these days of possible epidemics, pandemics and incurable virus diseases; people are justifiably concerned about hygiene and one of their prime concerns involves the need for them to sit on a toilet seat that may, or might not, be totally hygienic. Disposable seat covers that are used once and then disposed of provide you with an easy solution to your hygienic toilet seat problem – even better, if the covers are automatically applied and removed.

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