Is an Outdoor Mist Fan a Smart Investment for You?

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Home and Garden

Outdoor misting systems are perfect for drastically reducing uncomfortable heat levels. Within a short amount of time, an outdoor mist fan can turn a hot, stuffy area into a relaxing, temperate environment. Whether you’re searching for the appropriate system for your industrial facility, commercial property, or home, the right company will have what you need. Long-lasting and low maintenance, outdoor misting systems offer a convenient, hassle-free solution to overwhelming heat.

Flash Evaporation
Misting systems can be used in practically any outdoor area, be it a tennis court, resort, or restaurant. As an energy efficient alternative to other types of outdoor cooling systems, misting solutions utilize natural heat energy. By releasing billions of small water droplets every second, misting systems make use of flash evaporation. The innumerable water droplets use the heat during the process of evaporation, and leave behind cool, comfortable air. In fact, an outdoor misting fan can reduce the temperature of an area by as much as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation and Maintenance
When you buy from a reliable company, you can expect a high quality cooling solution at a fair, reasonable rate. They’re perfect for industrial, commercial, and residential environments alike. Misting systems are effective solutions to stuffy outdoor heat, and are always fairly low maintenance. Aside from oil changes and cleanings, exterior misting systems demand little attention from home and business owners. Installation is generally simplistic when it comes to misting systems. While experienced contractors are sometimes needed to install misting fans, many systems can be installed manually within a few hours.

Finding the Right System
If you’re interested in purchasing an outdoor mist fan for industrial or commercial use, chances are you’ll need a high powered system. Additionally, you’ll need the correct set of nozzles to ensure your new system effectively cools the designated area. Helpful professionals can assist you with selecting the best fans and nozzles for your operation. There are numerous fogging and misting machines available on the market, so it helps to have the guidance of specialists who’ll take your needs and goals into account. They’ll work with you to ensure your home or business is equipped with the most reliable cooling solution.

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