Has the Time Come for New HVAC in Edmond, OK?

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For quite a few years, the home hvac in Edmond OK, offered excellent service. The temperature inside was always pleasant, and the humidity level in the home was maintained at a comfortable level. Lately, the homeowner is beginning to think the time for something new is in order. Here are some of the signs that a change should be made over the next year or two.

The System is Using More Power

It seems as if the system runs more than usual. While there is nothing different about the weather this season, the unit seems to kick on more often at night and runs for longer periods during the day. The utility bills show that the amount of energy used is up considerably over the same time last year. Chances are that the older system is beginning to wear out. Starting to think about a replacement HVAC in Edmond OK, does make sense.

The Temperature is Uneven

Once upon a time, the temperature and humidity level was constant throughout the house. That is no longer the case. Areas like hallways and back bedrooms now seem to be a little warmer or a little colder than the rest of the house. This is a sign that the system is not functioning at the same level of efficiency. While some repairs may help, considering a complete replacement may be the wise move in the long run.

The Age of the System

Even if everything is still running smoothly, the current system is moving closer to the day when it will no longer provide the same benefits. After a system passes the ten-year mark, it pays to begin thinking about a replacement. Doing so provides the time to compare different options and begin to set aside some money to pay for that new unit. When the day does arrive, and the system forces its last bit of air through the vents, the homeowner will know exactly what to do.

For homeowners who think the time is coming for a replacement, Contact Benchmark Mechanical Inc. today. After a check of the current unit, a contractor can talk to the owner about making repairs or investing in a new system.

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