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by | Apr 23, 2013 | Roofing

Roof or rain gutters are designed to collect rainwater directly off a roof and send it into a diversion path away from the base of a building. That path can take water into the building for non-potable use, into rain storage barrels or underground cisterns for temporary storage, or to city storm drains to send to the ocean. Well maintained gutters are an essential component of this redirection and an essential protection device for the building.

If roof gutters and downspouts have not been maintained properly or were designed improperly in the first place, repairs for resulting damages can accrue into the tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to catch repairs early on, before problems become serious – problems such as rotted roof tiles, leaks into the attic, streaks down the side of a building, damage to fascia boards beneath, or drowning of the landscape near the building – prevention of which depends on a well designed and functioning gutter system.

Repairs of holes, leaks, misrouted gutters all require the services of a company skilled in working with gutters – knowing how to design an efficient gutter system and what kinds of materials to use to prevent such occurrences. You’ll need high quality gutters that don’t rust, designs that prevent leaks, installers who work quickly and efficiently, and experts you can call anytime with questions.

For Gutter repair Tacoma and anywhere else in Pierce and King Counties, look for professional gutter services that use high quality materials guaranteed for life, that offer:

Heavy gauge aluminum, steel, or copper gutters
Gutters with handcrafted corners and no seams to prevent leaks
32 color choices with enamel finish to match your existing system and building

Look for a business with a reputation for reliable service and high quality work, and some guarantee of labor. Look for a gutters Tacoma company that can be relied upon for fairness and affordable prices. Look for one whose website shows high quality testimonials from satisfied customers.

Many companies will provide a free estimate for gutter repair Tacoma as well. Call them. Call friends to get recommendations and interview the companies you find. This should give you enough information to make a good choice.

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