Designing Lawn Irrigation

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Home and Garden

Maintaining the proper irrigation system in your yard is critical if you wish to have a green and healthy looking yard. Most people do not want to deal with the hassle of walking around with a gardening hose in order to properly water their yards and you cannot always rely on the rain to provide enough water throughout the summer. The best option for you is to find a company that provides services in irrigation in Jacksonville to help you plan and implement the perfect system for your yard’s needs. Some of the things that you and the professional can determine include the layout of your yard, the placement of the irrigation system, measuring how much water pressure and usage will required for the irrigation, and where you would like to place the sprinklers.

Yard Design Planning

With the help of a professional who performs irrigation in Jacksonville, you will need to make out a map of your yard. Use some graph paper and try to scale the yard as closely as possible. You must include everything in the yard, not just the grass, including the border, fences, flowerbeds, gardens, and trees. Don’t forget to show where the walkways and patios are located. The professional will be able to assist you in making the graph so you have an accurate representation of your home for the system.

Determine Placement

You will then want to determine the placement of all control valves and pipes around your house in order to determine where the irrigation in Jacksonville system should be placed. It would not make sense to plan out an irrigation system that is set up to hook on the opposite side of the yard than the pipes are currently located. A professional will be available to help in determining all of these things.

Measure Water
Next it will be critical to measure or track how much water pressure is currently coming to your home and how many gallons of water you can receive a minute in order to determine how many sprinklers you are able to install for the irrigation in Jacksonville. You can look at your meter, check your bill, call the utility company, or find a professional who can help you to determine how much water is at your home and all of the other options.


Once everything has been determined and planned out, it is important to decide where all of the sprinklers should be located. You will want to make sure to place the sprinklers far enough apart so as to cover all parts of your lawn. The best coverage will result in each of the sprinklers overlapping the one closest to it by about 50% and will prevent any dry spots from appearing on your lawn.

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