Guide to Buying Panasonic Fans

Panasonic is one of the largest multinational electronics corporations in the world. The company, headquartered in Japan, has built a massive product portfolio, and has grown leaps and bounds since it was founded back in 1918. Currently, Panasonic manufactures a range of different products for several industries, including home ventilation. Panasonic fans are incredibly reliable and sturdy, and are known to last for years. While they obviously cost slightly more when compared with unbranded fans, Panasonic fans come with the company’s warranty and assurance.

At, we suggest that you buy Panasonic fans if you do not want to worry about replacing your fans every other year. The company manufactures a wide range of vent fans, and actively researches technologies that can help make its products more energy efficient and easier to use. The company’s branded Whisper technology is very popular in commercial applications, especially in vast buildings where powerful ventilation systems are needed to keep the atmosphere pleasant. However, buying Panasonic fans can be difficult, since the company manufactures so many different models. To make it easy for our readers, we have compiled a list of the best Panasonic fans, along with where they can be used for the maximum effect.


The EcoVent fans make use of the company’s proprietary Veri-Boost technology. These fans are excellent for residential construction, and provide HVAC contractors with a cost effective solution that comes with an ENERGY STAR rating. Moreover, the EcoVent fans have proven to be incredibly reliable, and can last for years after installation. Most importantly, these fans are made using eco- friendly materials, and hence do not leave a harmful impact on the environment either. The noise levels are also significantly lower (1.1 sones), but you will hear the ventilation system when it turns on.


The Whisper Sense- Lite series is CALGreen compliant and like all of Panasonic’s products, comes with an ENERGY STAR rating. These fans come with built in lights as well. We recommend installing these fans in rooms that are more humid than others (bathrooms or kitchens for example). This is because the Sense- Lite series comes equipped with dual motion and humidity sensors, so they turn on whenever somebody enters the room or when the humidity levels rise above a certain point.

These are more expensive as compared to the EcoVent series, so we suggest you analyze your budget before purchasing the Sense-Lite fans. Given the additional features that they come with, our recommendation would be to choose the EcoVent series if you want a cost- effective solution. If your house is poorly ventilated, then we recommend you purchase the Sense- Lite series, since they can keep the atmosphere pleasant automatically.

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