Great Reasons to Buy New Upholstery for Old Furniture

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Furniture

Brand new upholstery can enhance your furniture cosmetically in bold ways. Besides the new look, there are three more reasons why you should strongly consider buying a fancy fabric from an upholstery shop in Chicago for your furniture.

A Convenient Way to Blend Old Furniture With New Furniture

Most people keep old furniture around because it has sentimental value. The problem is that outdated furniture can clash with brand new pieces from a recent product line.

When new upholstery is placed on a vintage chair or sofa, it gains a fresh new look, and it still provides the same level of comfort. If you browse fabrics from an upholstery shop in Chicago, you’ll find great designs that can highlight your furniture’s sentimental value.

Appealing Ways to Customize Old Furniture

In a home, proper coordination is the key to a stylish design scheme. If you have a few furniture pieces that don’t match, new upholstery can help you coordinate.

From a design standpoint, colors and patterns are more appealing when they match other elements within a space. Custom upholstery gives you opportunities to take a traditional design scheme to the next level. For example, you could achieve a high-end look by incorporating upholstery with colors and patterns that match your carpets and window treatments.

Unique Details

Thanks to advanced stitching techniques, upholstery manufacturers are now able to add unique details to upholstered fabrics. These details can give a bland dining room chair character.

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