Easy Steps for Changing Filters on Heat Pumps

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps are major appliances used to treat the air in homes and structures. These devices can be used for heating or cooling purposes. A heat pump also removes unwanted substances from the indoor air such as allergens, toxins, dust, and debris. For this to occur, a heat pump’s filter must be functional. The following guidelines can be used to perform a filter change.

It’s preferable to change a filter on a heat pump once a month. It should be changed more frequently during allergy seasons. Heat Pumps located in areas with high levels of pollution in the outdoor air should also have their filters changed more frequently. Before changing a filter, turn off power to the heat pump. Switch off the main switch at the main entrance panel. Also, turn the control switch on the heat pump to an off position.

Start this task, locate the filter compartment. This is typically located on one side of the heat pump inside the home. Remove the access door to this compartment. This compartment may have duct tape around it or have the access door secured with screws. Remove any screws or duct tape. Set these along with the access door to the side since they will have to be replaced later. Check the side or bottom of the compartment for the filter. Slowly remove it. Try not to disturb any contents on the filter.

Use the specifications on the older filter to purchase a new one. A sponge or old cloth can be used to clean the inside and outside of the heat pump. Rinse the sponge or cloth as you proceed to keep from spreading dirt to other parts of the heat pump. Install a new filter using the arrows on the new filter as a guide. Replace the access door, screws, and any insulation tape. Dispose of the old filter by putting it outside in a proper receptacle promptly.

Changing the filter on a heat pump can increase the energy efficiency of the heat pump and help make the indoor air cleaner. For more information on heat pump maintenance, please talk to an expert at Eastside Heating. Also, visit website to garner more information. This company can handle many services for residential and commercial customers.

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